ThinkDog Toys

 From the fertile minds in ThinkDog's fun factory comes a line of toys unlike anything in stores before. Every crunch, crinkle and cuddle approved by the toughest critics in the animal kingdom—Canis particularis. These intelligent toys are engineered from the inside out (which is how some of them will end up) to inspire, excite, stimulate and satisfy your four-footed friends. But more than anything else, to fill their lives with love and fun.

Super soft & durable plush

      for cushy cuddling!

Silly shapes & fun colors! Serious squeaks, rattles,             crinkles & crunches!​

Sturdy ropes & bungees for
      gnawing, fetching & tugging!

Toy-in-a-Toy Technology
      so the fun goes on and on!​

Top Toys for Top Dogs



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